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Developer Information Library

Instant information at your fingertips anywhere, without the need for internet access.
Developers Information Library (DIL)
The Developers Information Library DVD is an instant source of technical information, any time, anywhere. DIL the easy-to-use portable reference library for professional developers is issued three times a year in January, May & September.

DIL includes

    Tips, Tricks, FAQs and Technical Articles covering
    • .NET
    • C#
    • All versions of Delphi
    • Web Technologies
    • Java, JBuilder & JBuilder Foundation
    • InterBase/Firebird
    • the Borland Database Engine, Paradox, Access & dBase
    • Borland Enterprise Products
    • Kylix (Delphi for Linux)

    Third Party Components & Tools

    Ready to use JavaScripts

    Bitmaps, JPGs and animated GIF images sorted & indexed by type/category.

and now includes ALL Developer Group magazine articles from 2000 - 2014!

Instead of wading through countless magazines, books, websites and ringing everyone - load DIL and do a keyword search on anything you need to know. DIL is fully multi-user too.

DIL now covers .NET and C# as well as Borland products, and you can identify new/updated items at the push of a button.

For an evaluation copy, please

DG Member price - £ + VAT per year (one DVD every four months).

DIL is automatically included in the DG Overseas membership packages.